4/17/18 - Sitting Up


The highlight of my day, today, was sitting up. I love sitting up! Therapy helps me up, I sit and do special stretches. I turn my head from side to side, tip my head down and lift it up. I get help to slouch my body and straiten it back up, move side to side and also twist my core some. It's great. I work really hard for the girls to show them that I want to get stronger. I'm going to put up a bunch of pictures today of that...please look past my tubes, cords, the gloves and gowns and just see me. Me sitting up so proud and strong! Tomorrow my Mom is bringing in a special pillow that helps me sit up on my own. I'm really excited to try that out! Hoping I'll have a good day tomorrow for that. 

I talk with my hands...well, when I start talking I will. I love to move my arms and hands around when I'm busy doing my baby things. I have big hands. My parents say that comes from the Raedel side of my family. Big, strong working man hands. Hopefully, I'll get to put these dukes to work soon learning how to lift things up and stuff like that. I'm already starting to work out. My uncle Jake and uncle Kev are both muscle-heads and I have to make sure that I can keep them in their place someday when I'm big, so I am starting now. Have to get these muscles growing. 


I'm not going to write much today, but if you would, please keep me in your prayers tonight. Pray that I can stay strong until my new heart comes, pray for my family and pray for my heart donor's family. Thank you for always reading about my day. I hope I make a difference in your life with my story. 

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