4/2/18 - Infection?

Today I was fussy. My white blood cell count is up. The team at CHW think I have an infection somewhere in my body that may need attention, so I started antibiotics while they find the source of the problem. We can't take risks with my health while waiting for my heart; better safe than sorry, right? They take great care of me here. My nurse today put down my froggy blaket on my bed. It was really cute. Mom and Dad think I like colors now. Sometimes Dad wears a bright shirt when he comes to see me and I like that. I sat up again with the help of Mom, my nurse and OT. It was hard, but felt good to get up off my back. The nurses are great about turning me every couple hours from side to side in bed, but my back and shoulders are out of shape. My whole life has been mostly laying on my back in bed. Mom is sad about that and tries to do my therapy exercises every day to help. Dad tells me every day that I will be okay and get strong soon. I can't wait to get out of this bed and into their arms; and do what "I" want to do all day...someday there will be no more tubes and wires...I will be "free". Here's a picture from today with my froggy blanket and my Dad. Do you see the clips on his hat? He keeps all the clips from the day passes security here gives him when they come to see me every day. He's starting to look silly, but he wants to keep them because he loves and misses me. People ask about them all the time now. Well, please keep me in your prayers tonight and pray my new heart comes soon, that I will stay strong until then and that my family stays strong too. We had a little bit of a hard day today. One of my favorite nurses is with me tonight; I'm happy to see her! Good Night Friends!

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