4/20/18 - First Time "Bopp-in"?


Today I met a new nurse. He was very nice. We had a good day. I was happy all morning, had my normal noon time break down and then had a great afternoon. Mom stayed with me all afternoon. We got cleaned up, put on a nice new outfit from my Aunty Carolyn (isn't it cute on me?) and I spent some time snoozing like normal. We don't have much visiting going on because of the flu and how careful everyone is around the kids on my hospital unit, the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, but, today I got to see my Grandma and Grandpa Raedel again! I haven't seen them since I was in Madison at the Children's Hospital there. They allow Mom, Dad and Grandparents to visit me and they came all the way here to see me. It was wonderful. Grandma liked my outfit and blankets that were on my bed and was curious about my life here, so was checking things out. Grandpa was tickling my toes and we all know how ticklish my feet are! So, I wrapped my monkey toes on his finger so he couldn't any more. Got'em! My nurse showed them what he does when i have to cough, because I was a little "gunky" today...The nurse pushes a little thingy (in the pictures by my ventilator tube...with line and colors on it in a baggy) that slides inside and down my breathing tube and then when he pulls it back up, it uses suction from another tube to get the yuck out of my tube that I would normally cough up myself. They thought that was pretty interesting. They talked to me and got caught up on everything I have going on here. I love them so much already. Then, they took the long drive back home before traffic from the city started to back up. My family isn't used to being around so much commotion. I am told that life at home is very serine and quiet. I'm excited for that. I can't wait to run around barefoot in the yard and walk down to the pond to catch tad-poles with my cousins. Play ball with my dogs. Ride on the tractor and four wheeler. Learn to do all kinds of things outside. I can't wait to actually go outside. That will be a great day in my life. 


After Grandma and Grandpa went home, it was just Mom and I. My Physical Therapist stopped in and since I was in a good mood and my stats were good today, we tried something new! A Boppy pillow and sitting up longer. It went great! First they sat me up like we have been practicing. I sat up a long while until I was very relaxed. Then, Mom slipped the Boppy pillow we are borrowing from my Aunty Courtney's sister, Kim (Thank you!) while my nurse and therapist helped organize me and my tubes and they laid me back onto the pillow sitting up still. It felt SO so good. I struggle with arching my back and laying my head back past my shoulders because I've always been pretty confined to just laying on my back for the majority of my life with the ECMO and my ventilator situation...So, getting to sit up with the Boppy pillow, in this position...I can sit and round out my back and tuck my head to my chest a little. It is so comfortable. I sat here for a very long while today. I hope to be able to do this a lot more in the future. I think I handled it pretty well. What a great day! 

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