4/22/18 - A Beautiful World

Mom tries not to cry when she comes to see me. It's the hardest thing she has ever had to do...come and go; leaving me here at the hospital. It's hard on both of my parents. Dad handles things better. Even though I had a pretty good day, she was very emotional and that is so hard for me to understand. All I know is life here. I know no different. Mom and Dad tell me I won't remember any of this when I get older...that's part of the reason I have my blog. It's a journal of my life. I need to know what I went thru. The things that are hard to keep memories of, the things that will be hard to talk about when I have questions someday when I'm older and want to understand my scars. 


The picture above is me on my birthday. The first day of my life and the first time I died. I was only a couple hours old in this picture. I had just been revived and put onto life support by some truly amazing doctors. As hard as it is to look at, I wanted to show you it again and tell you that I'm not done fighting. See how far I have come? I am a survivor. I want to be strong and have a long, great life. Everyone tells me I am a special boy...I promise I will make you all proud someday when I am bigger. I will make a difference in this beautiful world. I haven't experience much of it yet, but when you've been as close to loosing your chance too as I have...we live in a beautiful world. I thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers every day. I wanted to tell you something today, though...I am here for you, too. I want to show you that you can be strong, fight and be a survivor as well. Life can be very cruel in some ways. My family tells me bluntly that I didn't choose this, they didn't choose this, but this is our life now and we will play the cards we were dealt one minute, one hour, one day at a time. So, I want you to do the same. No matter how hard your day is or how defeated you may feel, look at me and see that it's all worth it. Good days should be cherished and bad days used to make the good days more appreciated. We are all in this life together. Don't worry, be happy ha ha. 


Enough of the serious talk...I am a baby after all. What do I know? How do you like my "monkey suit"? A good friend of mine and her family bought it for me. It is so cozy and we all know how handsome I am in blue. Am I right? Or am I right? I like that I wear clothes every day now. We have collected several snap up outfits now from family and friends. They work well around my tubes and cords. I have little monkey mittens that matched the outfit today, too. I don't really care if I match or not, but the ladies like me to look good around here. I am having some trouble with my looks, though, lately. I am balding! I may just be loosing baby hair normally or possibly am loosing it from laying on it all day? We aren't exactly sure and I am definitely handsome without it, but it is a bummer! That's really all that is new in my life right now. I'm just hanging out and waiting for a huge gift to arrive. My second chance heart gift. 


Mom and Dad's life is very busy now. They drive to see me and that takes up the majority of the day. So, Mom doesn't get a chance to do much cooking or baking any more like she likes, too. My parents kind of live out of gas stations right now. Tonight, they decided to go to town when they got home from the hospital and go to Culver's for a change and a decent dinner. Mom was in instant tears when they walked into the Wis. Dells, Culver's and saw this on the counter. They were taking donations for me. Mom and Dad didn't know what to say. Thru this journey we are on as a family, we are learning how incredible some people are. The thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity of people...there are no words. My family thanks you from the very bottom of our hearts!!!!!!!! 

It is a beautiful world...see?

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