4/23/18 - Nose Holes

I was extra adorable today. I don’t know for sure if it was the way I was snuggled up or my cute sheep nighty, but the girls really flocked to me. I was snuggling and just snoozing away most of the day. I had a bout of restlessness about noon, as usual, but an otherwise nice day. 


Grandma T visited and I held hands and talked a while with her. She brought me a nice baby blanket from the church in a Mauston. That was very sweet of everyone! Thank you ❤️ It’s green and blue and yellow...I like colors. Excited to be home someday in my own bed and snuggled up with blankies and stuffed animals from my family and friends. Sound so so nice! Soon enough. 


In other news, my favorite doc is back. I was happy to see and hear him talking today. He said I looked bigger. I think I may have grown some? I am a little bit taller now according to my measurements by the nurses. I hope I get to be tall like my Uncle Jake. He’s about 6’5”. I have big hands and feet and am pretty tall already (about 22”); I have a good start. I just need to get more milk and keep it down. Fingers crossed for the best. For everything I’m dealing with, I am doing well. Anyhow, I was going to say that my Doctor friend was back and he mentioned he might like to see if we could try moving my ventilator tube from my mouth to my nose hole instead. It would still be down my troat, of course, but at least then I could close my mouth and things. So, it is possible that may happen soon. I am scared and excited. Maybe this will be better and I will be safer to move around more? We will see! 😊 It would mean two nose holes, two tubes, though I guess I’ve dealt with worse. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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