4/25/18 - Starting the "Special Wall"


Well...they team decided not to move my tube. It's okay. I can be a difficult baby to please as far as my health goes. The great doctors here think it best they don't "rock the boat" with me just yet. I have been doing well the last several days. The best I have ever done, actually. So, they are just going to leave things unchanged for now. They still may move it, just not today. Other things are just priority right now...like beefing me up! I told you yesterday how I had been growing. They want to work towards me handling feeds (when i get Mom's milk thru my NG tube...the one in my nose hole right now) and starting to increase them soon. Not today or tomorrow, but that's something they will try with me again in the not so distant future. When Mom came today, my nurse had a newborn size onesie on me. It was tight (the length and the width). It seems like just yesterday I was wearing that size fine. So, since Mom brought in clean clothes, they changed me into a cute outfit and cozied me up. So you will see me in two outfits today. 

I want to show you the surprise I teased about from yesterday...Art! I received that package in the mail and it was from the Spring Hill Elementary School. Mom went there and many of my family members did, too. I might go there someday, as well. The kids from Spring Hill Elementary made me some decorations for my room! I LOVE THEM! Thank you so so much! You guys are so artistic and I love the change in scenery. Mom put them up on the wall in my room and as hopeful as we were to get some Macaroni art, not having it made taping them up much easier! I stared at them a long while today. I can't see very good yet because I am just a little baby, but I can see the difference in the shapes and colors. I very much enjoyed your art. There's a big elephant, a couple giraffes, lots of hearts and a few other designs. I will keep them for my scrap book and memory box at home when I go home someday so I will always remember you. Who knows, I might even meet some of you someday. It's a small town I'm told. Mom says that there are some coming from Dad's hometown school in Pardeeville, too. I'm so thankful that everyone is so sweet and thinking of me. It's a very hard time and this is just a wonderful treat that made my day nice. Thank you again! If any of my friends want to send a decoration for my special wall, just let my Mom or Dad know. 

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