4/27/18 - Little Turkey


This is a picture of me before I was born. My doctor, Dr. Shad, used to call me a "little Turkey" all the time. I knew he was after me with that ultrasound picture taker doo-dad that he'd push on Mom's belly with, so I'd make him chase me around a little just for fun when he was trying to measure me. I was thinking back to this because my Occupational therapist also called me a "little Turkey" today. She came in this afternoon to do my therapy and possibly sit up again, but I wasn't in the mood for therapy today so I acted up. I threw a fit so she'd come back tomorrow instead, because it's better for my schedule. Anyhow, I got caught in the act of acting, if you will. When she was leaving, I thought she'd already left the room and I stopped fake crying and smiled at my girlfriend standing next to my bed...well, OT caught me. Called me a little turkey. I think she really wanted to say I was a little turd. I wouldn't blame her. I do stuff like this every day. I am pretty smart I think. Today was a nice day, thru and thru. I got a nice bath, visited with Mom and watched my mobile, listened to music and looked at my special wall. Speaking of that, tomorrow we have a BUNCH of "Hearts For Heath" to add to it from the Pardeeville Elementary school. That's where Dad went to school. He will be here to see me tomorrow. I am very excited. I missed him this week. Need to get some beauty rest tonight. I have my two favorite girlfriends hanging out with me tonight and tomorrow. Talk to you tomorrow! Thank you for your prayers and for keeping me strong. Good Night. 

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