4/29/18 - Stuff

Today was peaceful. I was good and went most of the day without any extra medicines! I did wet my bed on accident, but the perk of that was that Mom was all giddy to dress me up in another outfit. My cousin Debbie and my "Auntie" Cindy gifted me some new clothes. They are nice. I am growing so fast, I will for sure be out of my three month clothes in May if i keep it up. Praying that I can be home before then. We have a lot of stuff from my baby shower at home in my room. I can't use a lot of it yet, so we are so thankful that our family and friends have been so generous and supportive in helping me. I can't use onsies, my little bath tub, bottles, nuks, etc...It was all just sitting there by my crib making Mom sad. She said she put stuff away for now. When I get home, I will probably get to be somewhat normal after a while and use those things. It is just stuff after all. My family and friends are just happy I'm still here and fighting. I will go home someday soon and meet everyone like a normal baby...just more grown. Here's a few pictures of me today. I was very handsome, If I do say so myself!

Something little, but fun for me from today...I got to have my hands out free of the mittens most of my day. I was so excited to get my fingers onto my face and explore. I like my face. I like to touch my lips and mouth and ears with my hands. It's all very interesting. I have to be supervised when I'm not wearing mittens, though. If I were to pull on my breathing tube or NG tube, bad things could happen. I have to be very careful. That's hard. I am so very curious. I am good though and someone is always there to help me. I don't have much to say today. Sunday Bumday. Please keep me in your prayers this coming week. Pray for me to stay strong until my heart gift comes. Pray that my family can work out life and stay positive through this all. Pray that my heart comes soon and that my someday donor's family finds peace and knows how special their gift is too me. Good Night.  

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