4/3/18 - Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia

Today it was winter outside again...at least that is what Mom told me. I haven't been outside yet. Someday I will get to feel the sun on my face and cold Wisconsin air on my cheeks. I was in a learning mood today and found my lips with my fingers. They felt weird, but I liked learning about my face with my hands today. I'm learning as much as I can in my situation. I can move around pretty good. I can reach out and up with my arms. I have strong hands and can hold my rattle. I can curl my "monkey toes" and kick my feet. I don't like my feet touched much though. I'm like my Dad in that way. I can't really twist my body much yet, but I can give a good stretch and sprawl out on the bed. I still love my mobile. I can see it a little further away now. It doesn't make me go cross-eyed anymore, LOL. Therapy brought me a vibrator box that lays on my bed mattress. I like it. Today Mom put it by the foot of my bed and i stretched out and put my feet on it. I liked how it felt. It didn't even tickle. I like it close to my back, too. That is a new thing from today I enjoyed. Mom and I did my stretches, put on some lotion and then she read me a book until I fell asleep. 

The nurse talked to her while I was resting about the "infection" they are working on treating and told her the nurses have to wear PPE now (gowns, gloves and a mask) when they come into my room. I really don't mind the gowns and things, I've seen it before while I was at my other hospital, AFCH. I like peoples faces though, so I wish I could see them without the masks. Hopefully they will get things cleared up and keep me strong until my heart comes. The staff here at CHW are great and I know they will keep me safe. I was even able to get out of bed today for a short while and sit with Mom. I was just on a pillow on her lap, but it still made me happy to be closer to her. It made her smile and cry...of course. I'm stinkin' adorable. Talk tomorrow!

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