4/5/18 - Channel 3000


I had a pretty nice day today. I'm getting Mom's milk again. Mom is all giddy about it. My nice nurse gave it to me thru the tube that goes down my nose, but it still makes my belly feel good and full just the same. I had a lot of energy today and wanted to move around; kick and swing my arms. My Dad tried to give me my rattle to hold and shake, but I didn't have time for it today so I took it from him and threw it. I rested my eyes after that...Mom and Dad read me some comments and letters people sent me today. It made me think and I smiled to let them know I could hear what they said. I love when I hear their voices. I perk up and open my eyes big and it makes them so happy. Parents are so easy to impress. 

They also told me that on their way to see me today, they stopped and did an interview with the local news station...they told them about my story and how strong I am. It was so kind of the station to share my story and my family and I are so appreciative. I just feel like a normal baby (minus the tubes and cords and my situation) but, everyone tells me I'm a fighter and they are proud of me. People are very sweet to me. It makes my days better. I try to be strong. I hope people enjoy reading my posts every day and that the things they read about my story might help them thru their day, too. 

Video below: 

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