4/6/18 - It's Not Much


Here are a few updates on my life here at CHW: I still get to have mom's milk. It's not much! I'll take it though! What a time bit lol. Something normal in my life though. My little, damaged and healing tummy can't quite handle much more yet. The medical staff tried more with me, but we are back to square one and starting back at it very slowly. I hope to get more in the future, but for now my little 3cc syringe of milk every few hours is wonderful. 

The pictures above are what the tube looks like. It goes in my nose and down to my stomach. They call it a Feeding Tube or an NG (nasogastric) tube. They give me what they call a Bolus feed; the milk is pushed thru my tube by syringe or sometimes they use a pump for larger amounts. Sometimes the milk is just allowed to flow on it's own rate by gravity.  


The picture here of my leg...the cut that's about an inch long is from a test they did not long ago in which they took a small sample of my muscle tissue. This test is being done now and looks promising in a good way. The staff here, while trying to figure out why I am so "sick" and why my heart is so weak, thought that is was a good idea to check that I don't have some sort of degenerative muscle disease that may have damaged or is damaging my heart. I seem to be in the clear so far. I don't think the testing is quite finished. They would want to know if i happened to have some disease like that for the sake of a new heart too. If by chance I were to have a muscle disease, I should not be taking a heart for transplant...the disease would hurt the new heart too you see? So please pray that this testing does not show anything bad. 

A couple people have commented that I'm always uncovered and in my skibbies in my pictures and are worried I'm cold; I attached a picture below. I am in a fancy bed here on the CICU. The bed has this big part that hangs over my bed above me...do you see it in the picture? That is a big heater! I am toasty warm all day. It gives me a similar feeling to what laying on the beach in the sun feels like, Mom tells me. So no worries please. I am nice and cozy. 

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