4/6/18 - SuperHero

"Sometimes superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles."


Today was an emotional day. The letters Mom read to me from everyone who wrote to me last night and this morning...WOW. You had us all in tears in my hospital room today. The outreach of kindness is humbling. I am so thankful for an incredible family and so many brand new loving friends. You have made a difference in my life with your stories and inspiration. I posted a quote from one of the letters that really hit home with me. I may not look like much of a superhero without a cape, but my family and friends all think I am. I am trying to be strong for everyone...like a superhero. I tough it out thru shots, procedures, bandage changes, prodding for tests and I fight thru my health adversities every day to show everyone how strong I am. Superheros are strong. I try hard not to cry when things hurt and not to worry when things happen that are out of my control because I am brave. Superheros are brave. I wish I had superpowers and could use them to heal my broken heart; to heal my families broken hearts, too. That would be nice. - When you decide not to be afraid, you can find new friends in unexpected places... Thank you all for being my new friends during a dark time. Please pray that I can stay stable until my new heart comes. Please pray that when my heart does come, that the donors family finds peace within their dark time. What an incredible gift to give; I'm thankful for my second chance to hopefully come, but also to give my donor's heart a second chance to beat too. I may forever have an angel within me to guide me thru life. - Dear Lord please help me to stay strong and brave until my day arrives...for myself, my family, my friends...Amen

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