4/8/18 - A Mirror & Ativan


I had another quiet day today while I wait for my heart gift to arrive. Praying it's some day soon. Last night I was with my bro-dude nurse. It's nice to have another man around and not be so overwhelmed by my girlfriends all the time. They love me, but a guy needs some guy time too. I was in a weird mood with Mom and Dad today. They love me so much. I was mad about my breathing tube again today and Mom did my back stretches with me to help me calm down. It felt so good for a while. I like my stretches a lot; my body gets stiff laying here so much. I got myself worked up again after, though, and my sweet nurse gave me some Ativan (an anti-anxiety medicine) to help. I get my heart rate up pretty high when I'm mad. Can't have that with my heart the way it is and that really does the trick to cool me down. I have a temper. Anyways...let me tell you something; If you want a "goofy time" just get yourself a mirror and some Ativan. I'm kidding. Don't do that. For me today, though, I had a great time lol. It makes me so smiley and I was looking into my mirror just smiling away. Mom and Dad were laughing at me because I just couldn't help myself. I'm so darn good looking! 

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