4/9/18 - Tummy Time!


I'm growing up so fast. Today was finally a good day after a long last few days for me. My little body and mind has been so stressed lately, so it was nice to feel relaxed this afternoon and kind of happy. My therapy and nurse friends sat me up again today. It felt so good! I held my breath and they sat me up and I relaxed as best I could. I can move my head from side to side pretty well and am a little stronger than before. I sat up a long while with their help. I like getting to sit. It's such a nice change and feels good for my stiff body to be in a different position. This picture is from a little later in the day, but I sat up again to move because before therapy left, the girls put me on my tummy!!! Mom came into the room and about cried with how happy she was to finally see me getting some tummy time. It's so important. It was great! Let me tell you what, I slept a good hour plus on my tummy all sprawled out like a frog and it was amazing. It was fun to kick my legs back and up, push my arms against the bed and rest my head differently on the pillow. I loved it and got to go onto my tummy again later in the day for a while. I can't wait for next time.  


After tummy time, they sat me up and then laid me down on my back so I could have my milk feeding. When I had a nice full belly, I got a nice warm bath and then Mom lotioned me up and swaddled me up for a nap. It was a perfect afternoon for me. Best day that I have had in some time, I'd say. Praying for my body to keep up the good work and stay strong and stable until my heart gift comes. Please keep me in your prayers when you can and also pray for the donors family. Thank you for everything :) 

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