5/1/18 - Great Care

Today I want to thank my nurses and doctors and therapists and everyone in-between. I have been here at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin since 3/13/18. Since then, I have gone thru some significant changes. This is me when I arrived here: 

As you can see, I was in pretty rough shape. I was dying [again] and almost went back onto ECMO or possibly a VAD. Today, after the care I've received here, I look like this: 

I look and kind of feel like a normal little boy now; as best I can. The team here has saved my life and still continue too every single day until my new heart comes. I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you who care for and about me. Although my little heart is still broken and I am very very sick, I am still here and holding my own. I am the best that I have ever been. In fact, I even got to sit with my Mommy today for the first time in a very long time and only the third time in my life. It was an incredible moment for us both. I love my life so much already.


Tonight I want to give thanks for the medical science that enables Heart Transplants to take place. Renewing life for the critically ill; like me. Bless all those who dedicate their lives to this sacred task. Grant strength and fortitude to the scientists and researchers, Surgeons, nurses and clinicians and other professionals Whose efforts give life. May the work of their hands never falter. Remember those who have given of themselves in death, providing vital organs to those on the edge of life. May this final act of charity and love be a testimony to their lives. Grant their families comfort, consolation and peace & bless them today and always. I pray my heart gift comes in time to give me a second chance at life. Life is a gift to be cherished. 

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