5/14/18 - 24hrs

They drew blood from my body over 24hrs ago and so far, the lab has not contacted my care team...I've heard that is a good thing! So...does this mean I'm beating this infection? I think so! I'm not in the clear just yet, but today I did feel a little better. One minute at a time...


I rested a lot today and watched my mobile. Therapy came in and helped me safely sit up a while. I did real well. I can move my head by myself. I am working on trying to follow Mom's face back and forth, from side to side, by turning my head. I can follow her with my eyes just fine and I try a little bit to turn my head, but I can't quite figure it out yet. I've almost got it though! After therapy, I sat up in my boppy pillow a while. I love boppy pillow time so much! It feel so comfy to just sink into the pillow and sit half up. It's a good position when you don't feel the best because it feels like I'm snuggled in a bunch of cooshy pillows. Snuggly.

Mom read me a book and I listened to the letters you wrote me yesterday. Then she showed me a card that our "Angel Ellen" sent her at the hospital for Mother's Day. It made her cry. We haven't met her before, but someday Mom said we will have to thank her in person for all the kindness she has shown me and my family. It's so interesting that people care so much about me. We started this blog as a way to keep my family and friends updated on my health, but also to help people going thru what my family and I are going thru find some guidance. I've had so many amazing people reach out to us and care so much about me...it's such a blessing. We didn't expect this. I am thankful. Thank you! 

While I was sitting up in my boppy pillow today, Mom put a blankie under my toes. It was awesome! I can't tell you enough how much I love to curl my toes into soft things! I have long toes and I love textures, so this felt so neat. I scrunched my toes up and stuck them in the holes on the blanket for a long time until I dozed off a little and took a nap. 

Updates for today...none really. I just need to rest and relax. Keep my heart rate low and slow. Good night! 

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