5/15/18 - Negative

A nice "Q" day today. I rested up and was so very cozy and comfortable for a change. My nurse and Mommy had me snuggled right in. I slept most of the day again. I needed it. 


Around noon, my Physical therapist came to see me. Her, Mom and my nurse for the day all helped me to sit upright for a while. It was the best session I have ever had with her. I don't feel 100% yet and you can see it in my eyes when you look at the pictures I am about to show you, but I did a great job today. I made Mom and my girlfriends very proud! I sat up for probably 15-20 minutes! I relaxed my head by myself and let my chin sink down to my chest. It feels so good to be able to do that. I have always been a bit stiff and like to push my head backwards past my shoulders...so, to have learned how to relax and let my chin touch my chest is a huge accomplishment for me. I did side to side, lateral movements and even stretched my arms and legs out. I get a little too relaxed during therapy some days and begin to fall asleep sitting up; when that happened today, my PT girlfriend helped me (just a little) to turn my head all the way from the Left and then all the way to the Right. We repeated that together two times today and I didn't fight with her. I tried so hard. Mom says that therpay is a big deal and I have to be a gentleman and take my sessions seriously. I want to be strong. 

But...sometimes I get annoyed with all the fuss and give the girls a look...like this:


Other than mastering the therapy session today, I did have two other good things happen... First, I heard that my blood cultures from the lab came back negative. That means this infection I've been fighting is seemingly under control! It is fantastic news! Hopefully that means that I will be back to myself in a day or two. Second, I am getting milk again! It is a measly 3ml (that is about a tablespoon's worth) every three hours. It is something though! I will get the chance, here again, to build back up to the 50ml I was at before I got sick this time. Hoping I can still tolerate some milk and that I won't have any troubles getting back to where I was. I was doing so well, before. I also used my Binkie again! I'm getting the hang of it...slowly but surely. So, that was my day. Hope yours was good! Please keep praying for me and that my heart gift comes soon.

Ps. Sometimes little babies don't close their eyes all the way when they are sleeping...I'm "that" baby somedays.

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