5/17/18 - Physical Therapy and Home


I made my Mom and the staff here very happy today. This is my second day of doing excellent for PT. It's the best I have ever done. I like my breathing tube in my nose alot better. So, moving around now is much more comfortable for me. I sit up most days during the week with my Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist girlfriends. They want me to be up to par, if you will, with normal development. So, we sit up together and do stretches. I'm working on several things with them, to get stronger...I am doing the head motions, first of all. They want so see me moving my head from side to side, up and down, and left to right. It's alot of work for me, but I'm doing very well at it. They also want to see me pick up my arms and move them up past my shoulders, up and out twards the front and also across my chest. So far, I can do the up over my shoulders well and when I am punching, sometimes, I will punch out in front of me and across my chest. Right now, it has to be my idea though. I prefer to do things in my own time and not let them see me struggle with anything. I am a man after all. So, I act tough when the girls are around. Hmm...what else are we doing for therapy? I hold these little textured rings in my hands and work on my grip. I also get nice hand massages to help my stretch my hands out and work on my thumbs (I like to keep them tucked up under my fingers right now...it's a bad habit I am trying to break). We work on following Mom or my mobile from side to side to. Right now, I really only use my eyes to follow, but we are working towards me being able to follow with my whole head turning. That is my biggest challenge, yet. I am going to pick it up though soon. I just know it! I am almost three months, you know. I have to learn these things whether I am sick or not. Hopefully, someday when my heart gift comes, and I finally go home for the first time, I will already be strong and know the things I am supposed too. Here are some pictures of me during my therapy today:

Besides, the physical stuff, I am still trucking along. My feeds are up to 12ml, so far. We hope I'll be able to keep getting more and more every day. Please pray that I can get back to almost getting full feeds (65ml). And, I think today is the best I have felt in a week now. We are very hopeful for me to just have milk and to get off the TPN, again. 

I didn't sleep well last night and was up since 3am. I tried to stay awake, but I dozed off after therapy was thru. Do you like my dinosaur theme today? I liked it! Mom and Dad brought a bunch of my receiving blankets into the hospital and they fit perfectly on my bed. It's nice to have something from home, even though I've never been there. I can't wait to go there someday with my family. I try very hard to remember what Mom and Dad tell me, so I can imagine what life is like there. They tell me I'll be home soon enough. I know that my crib is upstairs and from the window in my room, I can see the horses outside. They say we live where there are big trees everywhere and lots of birds chirping. I am not sure what a bird sounds like yet, but my music box plays frogs and crickets here at the hospital. So, I do know what they sound like. If the window in my room at home is open at night, Mom told me that I will be able to hear real frogs and crickets talking from the big pond that hides on the other side of the trees. I already like the sound they make. It's so relaxing. She told me that Dad takes my puppy Camo down there to play every day when the weather is warm. I can't wait to go with them. It looks like alot of fun! I think I will enjoy the outdoors very much. Hopefully someday soon! Here is a picture of my big pond, one early morning. Mom says mornings are the best times to go for a walk and that she will take me for lots of them when I am better.

Please pray for me tonight. Pray my heart gift comes soon. Pray I can stay strong until it arrives. Pray for my family and for my someday donor's family. Pray I can go home soon. Talk tomorrow. Good Night. 

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