5/18/18 - Lefty comfy, Righty naughty


I rested again today. Not much else that babies do I suppose. It was nice though. Mom read me a book, “The Little Train That Could”. I liked it. Mom said that one of the baby horses, our #BoBabies, is named ChooChoo. That was cute. She showed me a picture. We read your letters together, too. My Aunty Courtney wrote to me and had Mom crying again. It was a very sweet letter. I’m told I’ll understand more when I’m bigger; about emotions and meaning. Right now, my emotions are pretty simple Mom told me. I feel happy; I smile big and raise up my eyebrows and flail my arms in excitement. I feel mad; I make a cry face, punch and kick hard, and hold my breath. I guess I’m a pretty “black and white” fella’ right now. That’s not so bad. At least you know what to expect from me then, right? Ha! I tried out the Binkie again today. Not very interest in it yet. It is starting to become more enticing though. 


I tried out the Binkie again today. I’m still not super interested in it, but it is becoming more enticing every day. Maybe I’ll learn to suck one day soon. Some babies that had a ventilator tube in their mouth [like I did] never take to oral feedings...that means they end up with feeding tubes after their transplants, when they go home, for a while. I really hope I can learn so I don’t have to have that. I will. Mom said so. I tried to be extra cute for her for a while this morning. I held my hands together and just listened to her. She stared at me. I don’t really understand why. She loves me a lot, she keeps saying. She said Dad’s coming tomorrow, too! I’m excited.


Well, I have to say that I was very pleasantly suprised my main girl came back from vacation today. I thought for sure she had left me. We caught up most of the day. I had two nurses today, actually. I threw a fit when they moved me onto my right side, puked and farted. Welcome back! Got clean clothes and nice clean bedding out of the deal. Sometimes I just play the game and give them something to do. Mom calls me a stinker. I’ve learned how handsome I am and know I can get my way if I act mad a minute. All I have to do is punch my fists and hold my breath so things beep. Then, they let me do what I want. I’ve got everyone figured out. I reminded them that I run the show around here by peeking at them when they weren’t looking and then pretending to sleep when they came to check on me. I was comfy after all that. Dozed off the rest of the afternoon. Mom called to check on me not too long ago and I had a good evening. I had to have medicine because they wanted me to try my right side again and I wasn’t having it. They wouldn’t let me have my way this time, but I gues it’s important I move side to side. Nothing is wrong that makes me not want to be on that side, I just prefer my left side. I think that still goes back to habits from being on ECMO with the cannulas in my neck not letting me be but only on my left side. So, I had a PRN and relaxed into the position. They are my nurses all weekend. I’ll have to be a gentleman for them tomorrow, I suppose, and do as they ask without fussing. Well, good night and talk tomorrow. Keep praying ❤️

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