5/21/18 - Mommy & Me Time


I want to keep it short and sweet today and just show you some pictures. Three good things today and I am just wiped out. One, I am up to full feeds (60ml/3hrs) and doing well so far. A full tummy is alot of work! Two, I got to be close to my Mommy today. I sat in her arms for almost three hours. I snuggled right into my spot and snoozed. I was a Happy Camper. We were both so thankful for today. Three, i did great for therapy. I sat up big and tall. After a long day, I was out like a light early this evening and hope to have a good, peaceful night. I am three months old tomorrow! I can hardly believe it! It has gone by so very fast. I'm so glad I'm still here and stable-ish. Love my life and family. Pray my heart gift comes soon so I can go home...

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