5/22/18 - I Am 3 Months Old

I am three months old today! I can hardly believe it! I have grown so much this last month. I gained about one pound. I grew about one inch longer. My arms and legs have filled out some and I have "pudgies" now that I didn't have at two months old. I stare right at people and focus in when they talk to me now. 


I also, reach out to grab things now that I see in front of me. I reach out and grab Mom's hair sometimes when she's smooching my hands and loving me. It's funny because she holds still until I let go. I have a little pony toy. I pick her up and set her down. I like to feel her fuzzies, too. I like to hold onto things more now too and have a better grip. Sometimes, Mom or Dad or someone else will give me something to play with and I'll throw it to the end of my bed. I grab it tight, tip my arm back and then punch out quick and let it go! That's fun, too. Throwing things. 


I react to sounds more. I hear Mom when she's here talking to me and I know her well now. I like listening to Dad talk to me on the phone speaker. I love when my Mom sings to me. I hear music and i like to tap my fingers on my chest or cheek or bed while it plays. Music is a nice sound. I love my crickets sounds playing on the music box at night. Music and sounds like that make me sleepy. I don't like sounds like banging and people talking loudly outside my hospital room door. I hate the sound of the suction hose that it used to clean my breathing tube out. 


Today I am 3 months old. I sleep all day, read books with Mom and listen to what people write to me. I have mom's milk every three hours now, almost like a normal baby. I'm doing well with that. I do well with my physical therapy during the week and am able to do more. I can just about hold my head up strait all by myself! I am still stable-ish and waiting on a Heart from a very generous donor. I have been on the transplant list for 56 days, so far... For my 3 month birthday today, I want to just snooze and relax. That's perfect. For my 4 month birthday, I hope to have my heart gift and be doing very well. Please keep praying for that for me! 

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