5/23/18 - Lots Of Love

I'm feeling very loved today. I had a pleasant day. A much needed "happy" day for me. 


Many of my girlfriends were working today and they checked in on me and said, Hi. They are so sweet to me here. My nurse had me decked out in my monster outfit today. It's starting to get too short! It's a 3 months size and I might need to move up to the next size soon. I am growing! Mom was here loving on me, too. She kissed my hand and I smiled big for her. She loved when I did and smiled back at me; so I did it again. That silly Mom. She cracks me up. She kept picking at my forehead again today; trying to get rid of a tiny bit of cradle cap. I get it a little bit, now and again, but she always gets rid of it right away. The cause of cradle cap isn't known. It could be hormones they say. Oh, well! Not a big deal. I let her do what she needs, too and am a gentleman. We played and talked a long while. I was awake most of our visit today. I stayed up as long as I could and was in a great mood. It was nice to just relax and be happy for a change. I've had a rough go the last few days with everything. 


My grandma was here to see me for a while and brought me a crinkly bear toy. It makes a nice sound when i touch it and has textures i felt with my fingers. I think it will be one of my favorites for a while. She helped Mom read a book too me. It was about sleeping and counting sheep. I fell asleep. I was up in my boppy pillow and you know how much i love sitting up...


Keep me in your prayers. Thank you for loving me, too! Did you know that the Egyptians believed that the heart, rather than the brain, was the source of human wisdom, as well as emotions, memory, the soul and the personality itself. Mom told me that. It's ironic; thinking about all of the love I have gained and now feel because of everything that has happened with my ailing heart. 

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