5/25/18 - Snoozey

I am growing lots of hair nowadays! See my pictures! I have light brown/dark blonde hair; like my Dad. Mom cuts my finger nails once a week, too. It's good that they are growing. It means something good is happening I think? Like, I am growing kinda' normal? It makes me happy. 

I was doing therapy when Mom walked in my room and was not having it. I had my self all sweaty and gross, so she changed my quick while I was sitting up. I had a boy nurse today; my Bro-Dude! It was great. I wanted to look tuff while he was around, so I laid on my right side after therapy without fussing. I laid on my right side for several hours and took a deep sleep kind of snooze. It was nice. I was a little warm, so Mom unbuttoned my outfit a little so I could stay comfy. 


I did nothing but snooze today and it was exactly what I needed. Just trying to stay stable and get thru the wait for my heart. I did play with my crinkly bear today while napping, though...I love the crunchy sounds. 

Keep praying! Good Night 

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