5/27/18 - Two Months


I have been waiting for my new heart to arrive for a whole two months, as of today. It's actually flown by quite fast! Mom and Dad might beg to differ, but for me, I have slept the time away. For real! I was not in a good way when I was first listed on the transplant list, but I am in a stable-ish state now; that is a blessing my family says. I'm thankful I'm still here, alive and doing well. Hoping my heart gift will arrive soon, though, so I can begin my awesome new life! My family says that I will always have two birthdays growing up...one for me (2-22-18) and one for heart transplant date (whenever my heart gift comes and my surgery happens). I think that will be a pretty special thing. 


I had a restful morning, which had me perked up for this afternoon. I was snuggled up in my blanket from my Aunty. She made it for me. I like it because it's another blankie that I can sneak my toes thru the holes to peek out. I love doing that. A little bit later, I worked out with that new rattle I told you about yesterday. I like it. It makes lots of noise and has good grips to hold onto. When you're lifting as heavy as I am, I don't want it to slip out of my hand...you know? I did that. It made me urp up some yuckies. I had a full clothing and bedding change. Sat up a short while, tried out the Boppy a while and then decided less was more and just laid out flat and strait. It was perfect. 


When my Bro-dude and Girlfriends were done with their lunches, they came in and helped me up to go snuggle with my Mommy! I needed to be with her as much as she did with me. We sat together a long while and I just stared at her. Dad smooched me while I was napping with her. I loved it so much. I like to get into her arms and then noodle down into a position that is perfect and cozy. It's really nice to get lovey's from them like that. 


I have a big day tomorrow and hope to surprise you guys with my blog post tomorrow night! Going to keep it a secret for tonight though...he, he! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Hugs! Good Night! - Love, Heath

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