5/5/18 - Baths


Today was bath day. I get washed up just like a normal baby would, for the most part. Mom and the nurse will take my cords that are on stickers off and we will replace them later. After those are off, I get washed up with a soft washcloth and my Burt's Bees soap. It makes me smell nice. Then, they put a diaper under my head and use a cup to pour water over my hair, soap it up and then pour more water to rinse me off. It feels so nice! The diaper soaks up the water so my bed doesn't get soaked. I can't get out of bed for a bath, so we have to change all my linens after my bath is done. Before that though, I get my stickers back on, get baby oiled up and get dressed. I like to wear clothes. I feel more comfortable and cozy. Here is me today. I didn't have a thrilling day, which is very good. I just got a bath and rested. I listened to my music box from my Aunty Cindy and there is a song on there that we didn't recognize. My friend that helps with my respritory therapy knew it from when he was little. I guess it's call "Bluebird thru my window" or something like that. I like it though. 


Mom and Dad were here. I haven't seen Dad all week, so it was nice to see him. We talked and he read me your recent letters. He didn't shave his face, so Mom helped me touch his beard stubble. I liked it. I like textures and that was a new one. It was kind of soft and kind of prickly. 


Thank you for always writing to me. Thank you for keeping me in your hearts, thoughts, prayers...

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