5/7/18 - Nurses Week

Well, we tried the move today (the ventilator tube). Nope. I wasn't cooperating with the sedation and my doctors working with me to move it didn't want to "rock the boat". They think they have a new plan, so they may try again tomorrow. I got a new bed, though, while they were working with me. It's the same look, but a new bed. Sanitary reasons I think? I also found out how much i weigh! I am currently 9lbs 8oz and about 22.5" long. I'm getting big. I was in a great mood all day, after my procedure attempt was thru. I was wide awake and entranced by my mobile once again. It's my favorite thing.


Mom read to me from your letters and a book called "Llama Llama Red Pajama". It was pretty funny. And again, thank you so much for your kind messages. I love when Mom reads them to me. It makes me feel good. After that, Mom gave me some things to feel. You know...because I like textures right now. She put my Elmo toy by my toes and I squished my feet into it. Then, I curled my toes and pulled on the hairs. She put my Duck toy under my left hand and I loved feeling the ribbon on his neck. It was kind of scratchy, but the Duck was soft. In my right hand, I held onto a toy that has bumps on it. I am learning to grip now. That's a new thing. I can really hold onto things. I liked the toy rings. I don't care for a rattle yet though. I usually thorw it to the end of my bed. Can't be bothered with it. 

Mom cleaned me up, put lotion on me (the hospital makes me dry) and dressed me, later. I was a naked baby all morning while they tried to move my tube. It was okay to be "free" for a while, but I felt better clean and dressed. I rested while Mom put out my gift to the nurses for nurses week. I wanted to say thank you, but what can you get a nurse that will make them happy all day? Smell-good, soft hands, hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. Mom picked those up for me. I love smells anyways and we thought it would make them happy; and me too. So, she put a dish of all kinds of travel sized ones out for them in different scents so they could pick. I love my nurses.


To all my nurses from Sauk Prairie Hospital, UW Madison American family Childrens Hospital and The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Thank you for taking great care of me! Thank you for the little things you do for me; like read to me, spend one-on-one time just playing with me, helping me feel like a somewhat normal baby and for being very patient with me. I am so thankful for you. My Mom and Dad trust you with my care and I know we all give you guys a hard time sometimes, but it's because I'm little and ornery, because Mom and Dad miss me, because they worry so much about me and love me. So, thank you for changing my poopy diapers when they can't be here and are working. Thank you for never leaving me lonely and always staying to play with me when I'm awake. Thank you for patting my butt until your hand get tired, to calm me, instead of just giving up on me and giving a PRN. Thank you for being kind for all the times Mom and Dad call to just check in on me and for telling me they love me when they ask you, too. Thank you for comforting Mom at 3am when she can't sleep and is crying because she misses me and then for being sweet to her when she calls back five minutes later because she just wants to hear more about me. Thank you for dealing with their questions, for asking your own questions and for turly caring about me that much. Thank you for treating me gentle and kind; making sure to never hurt me. Thank you for being a great nurse!! You guys are a huge part of my life and will always be. You're literally keeping me alive and helping me thrive in an extremely difficult and scary situation. You're my girlfriends and bro-dudes, my family's friends and counselors and all-in-all you're my total support. Please, always know how important your job is. Know how much YOU mean to your patients. Too me. Too my family. You help my world go round. Thank you for loving me and helping me grow up big and strong. THANK YOU and HAPPY NURSES WEEK!! - Love always, Heath

Ps. Should I start a page showing everyone in their "A Heart For Heath" shirts? Let me know and I'll have Mom put that up on here.

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