6/1/18 - A Happy Day


I enjoyed today very much. It was pretty close to what Mom describes as not being in the hospital would feel like...what home might be like. I was out of my bed most of the day. Spending time being held & ooggled over by my nurse friend. Later, being held by Mom. She read me books and we talked. I don't say words yet, but i use my hands and expressions pretty well now. She read me a book about a dancing Giraffe. I've listened to it before and its a favorite, but the pictures are bright and colorful so I enjoyed listening to it again. 


I was in a goofy mood and made lots of faces at Mom. She said I'm going to be goofy like my Dad. I was making her laugh so hard though! I know the power of being as handsome as I am. The ladies are easy to control! After we finished the book, Mom helped me sit up in her lap. I sat there for a good fifteen minutes or so. I am getting stronger; function-wise. I can almost hold my head up by myself. Mom is still very cautious and helps me just a little so I don't hurt my neck, but I can do it myself if I try hard and concentrate. My OT and PT girlfriends would have loved to see everything I was doing today on my own. I was really proud of myself. Mom laid me back down in her arms and snuggled me a while until the nurse came in and said she wanted me to go into my bed. I was like, "Darn!" because it was so cozy. Oh well...hopefully tomorrow I can sit with her (or maybe Dad?!) for a while. Here are some pictures of me being funny (there's a new video on my Facebook page too):

The girls caught onto my joke from yesterday and put a piece of tape on my nose now, so i can't scrunch it up and make the nasal tube pop out. I guess they didn't think it was as funny as I did? The tape makes me go cross eyed sometimes. It's annoying. No more jokes, i guess?


Medically speaking, today went well, too. We still aren't sure 100% if i can stay like I am now, or if I'll need the ventilator tube back in. I pray I won't have to have it back...I absolutely hate it. I guess, during rounds, the care team was a little concerned that my lungs looked a little "wet" as they say here. Basically, that just means there is a little bit more fluid in my lungs than they'd like to see. This is because my heart function is poor. I am comfortable and happy right now, though. Hopefully not having to have PRNs and me not throwing horrible fits anymore, stressing my heart out, will count for something. So, we wait and see what happens again. Pray, Pray, PRAY tonight that I don't have to have it back in! Please. We are a little worried, to be honest. I don't have much more to say today. I did post a lot of pictures today though for you!! Good Night. - Love, Heath

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