6/10/18 - Fishing

I wasn’t much better today, than yesterday. The picture they took of my lungs shows there is more fluid sitting there that doesn’t need to be there. Hopefully my body is strong enough to work it out itself; with the help of diuretics. Still fighting something off, though, and we aren’t sure what yet. My stats were better today, but I’m still a little “off”. So, a bigger dose of Morphine and another day of snoozing was in order. I was very comfortable. Toes-out kind of comfy. 😝

Dad and I had a good talk today. He said he would teach me how to hunt & fish when I get my heart and get home. I’ll be big before we know it and he said he’d take me on a boat. It’s metal that floats on top of water somehow? It sounds very interesting! He said you take a long pole, with a piece of string and throw it into the water. If you time things just right, when you pull the string back to the boat, a fish will be on the hook?! That’s crazy, I told him, but he just smiled. He is also going to take me out in the trees, called the woods, and teach me how to find deer. Probably other animals, too! I guess they are pretty secretive and like to hide so you have to be quiet and stealthy. I’m excited to do the “man stuff” with him. Mom and Dad both say I’ll love it outside; at home. They told me that there are hundreds of baby toads all hopping around right now at home. Tadpoles from the ponds on our property all turn into toads and jump all over the place. When I’m bigger, I’ll catch them with my cousins. It’s going to be so much fun. I sure dream about home a lot. I also dream about my girlfriends. I wonder if they will come home with me, too? Hmm...


I’m hoping tomorrow will be a better day for me. I don’t like feeling icky. I don’t like Morphine either. It makes me feel blah. No winning lately. I guess it all comes with the territory. My heart is so sick and I’m going to continue to have ups and downs until my heart gift comes. Then, I’ll have ups and downs with my new heart. So, I just have to learn to deal with my day-to-day. My life has been such a journey for me so far. I’ve come a long way; my family and friends are all so proud of me. I’m thankful I have such an amazing support net. It’s made this all much more “livable”, if you will. I hope I can be a strong and normal kid growing up. It’s scary and exciting to think about...being free from this, growing up, being home! Ugh, I can not wait! 

Anyhow, I was only awake a short while to say Hi to Mom and Dad and then I napped all day again. Dad did too... He always gets sleepy around me. He says it’s the hospital air, but I think he’s just happy to be by me and comfy, so that makes him sleepy. I’m ready to call it a night. I’m just going to finish watching my show and go to bed. I’ll do my best to feel better for tomorrow so I have better news to share. Good night. Keep praying for me. Love, Heath ❤️

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