6/12/18 - Ufdah!

I had a rough go again today. I was upset this morning about how the ventilator tube felt when I moved my head and had to be given an extra dose of Adivan. Then, a bit later, I pooped and was upset I had dirty pants...got my heart rate up to 180+ and then my nurse suctioned the gunk out of my breathing tube and my heart rate was up over 210! I wish we’d have waited until I calmed down before doing that. I just can’t keep up. I was breathing hard and fast, my heart rate was high, my renal (kidney) numbers were crashing and I wasn’t even yelling anymore. It was scary. I was so worked up that my skin became marbley looking. Mom was in tears, I was wore out and I think my nurse was stressed. On top of it all I had a pretty high fever brewing that needed attention. I was given Tylenol and Morphine for my fever; then, Adivan to work with the Morphine to slow everything down. It was a hard morning and afternoon for me, to say the least. I had a restful evening so far and my numbers seem to be back to an acceptable range. Thankfully. Another day-in-the-life of me, ugh? Ufdah! 


I plan to sit up, comfy in my Boppy and relax the remainder of the day; play catch up. I have a little box that vibrates (you can see it under my legs) that I enjoy, too. So, hopefully that will help me sleep well. I do not have much to say tonight. I’m exhausted and can’t be bothered doing any more today. Hoping for a good night and better day tomorrow. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Good Night. Love, Heath ❤️

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