6/14/18 - Pneumonia


A fever and high heart rate to start the day again today. Mom is sitting next to me at my bedside right now, as we write to you. The care team has me drugged up, weighed down and ice-packed; doing what they can to get my numbers back down. This week, I have had cultures taken each day to send to the lab for testing. None had come up with anything until today; I have pneumonia. They caught the bacteria early, before they had multiplied much. I am now on antibiotics that should clean this up. It’s been a very real fear for Mom, that I would almost inevitably get a pneumonia while here. Being hospitalized puts anyone at a higher risk for pneumonia, but being weak makes my risk even higher. So, it isn’t a surprise. It isn’t good though! One more thing to deal with. Just have to stay strong. 

Once again, today, the ice packs and a cool rag on my forehead brought my numbers down and I began to feel a bit better by late afternoon. Mom was with me the whole time again; comforting me. I’m glad she was there. I needed her. She read to me your messages. I just listened. After, I felt a little better and my fever broke, I opened my eyes to look at her and say, Hi. She and my nurse friend were happy to see my big blues eyes and they smiled at me lovingly. It’s so comforting that people care so much about me. Your prayers and messages are so special to me. Mom and Dad tell me that someday when I’m bigger, I may want to look back thru them and that they might help me thru any tough days. Tough days like I’m having today. 


I do feel better now, though. I rocked the ice packs a long while, until my temperature was down to the normal 90’s again. I lay in my Boppy and watched Mom taking my special wall art down. The hearts you made for me were all taped up onto my wall with painter’s tape. Now that the weather is warmer, though, the art was falling off the wall everyday. The painters tape couldn’t hold up with the humidity in my room, unfortunately. So, Mom is taking all my art home and is planning to put them in my scrapbook. We thought maybe, we could print out the pictures of everyone wearing their “A Heart For Heath” shirts and put them on a poster board and use wall puddy to put it up on the wall in my room. It should work out. It will be nice to see something new. So, if you have any pictures of you in your shirt for my new wall, email them to my Mom (mrscornford@gmail.com). 

I’m up in my bouncy seat now. I think I like it even more than my Boppy pillow some days. I got a gift in the mail to my hospital room from my friend Ellen. A giraffe 🦒 toy. Mom showed me, even though I’m not in the mood to play today. When I feel better, I’ll have to get back to learning again. For now, rest...I need to re-cooperate. I’m 16 weeks old today, by the way! I can’t believe it! I feel like I was just born. Time is flying by! I’ll have been on the heart transplant waiting list for 80 days tomorrow, too. Unless, a heart arrives! Wouldn’t that be incredible!? Keep praying for me, my family and my someday donor’s family. Love, Heath

ps. Yes...I have a sock on my hand. I ran out of clean mittens. Mom brought more in today though. Lol

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