6/16/18 - Boxing Gloves

Dad came to see me today. He and Mom came into my room just as I was starting to normalize. I had a rough morning, again. I don’t feel well. Not nearly as bad as the last few days, but it wasn’t the morning I had hoped to have. Thankfully, today and tomorrow I will have my Bro-dude here to help me. There are many nice nurses here, but I’d much rather have a familiar face helping me thru something as tough as this. He is the best. We work really well together, fighting these Pneumonia symptoms. He makes sure to stay a step ahead of the game. With medicines and ice packs, I think we’ve got things pretty well under control. I even wore my boxing gloves today to show this Pneumonia who’s boss (Ignore the red lint on my nose from the gloves, ha ha! I like to rub my face and it’s making my face tape turn red)! The care team got cultures back from the lab today and they switched up my antibiotics after learning the new results. Hopefully, the antibiotics will do the trick and help me get rid of this pneumonia. Praying hard!


Anyways, I visited with Mom and Dad, trying my best to relax and keep my numbers good. I hadn’t saw Dad all week and wanted to impress him by feeling better and wanted to give my Mom a stress break. They have been so worried about me. After I settled some, they got all excited and asked to measure me. I am about 23” long already. I think I’ll be tall when I’m big. I stretched out to do that and of course, posed for pictures. I don’t feel very good and don’t have “bright eyes” Mom says, but I’ll get better soon. I have too! Being sick is a risk to my transplant. I can be too sick or too healthy...the transplant list and everything involved is so complicated. Just pray I stay stablish, like I had been, and that my precious heart gift comes very, very soon. 


I watched TV with Dad and watched him eat a pretzel. I would have licked it if he let me. It looked good. I enjoyed the time with him and the puppy show. Then, I fell asleep and rested the remainder of the afternoon; my stats all in good ranges, thankfully. Hoping to have a good day tomorrow for Dad’s first Father’s Day! Good night. - Heath 😴

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