6/18/18 - Numbers

Hi guys! Well, I'm happy to report I had another pretty good day today! Of course, I am still fighting this Pneumonia, but I'm finally on what we hope is the good side of the fight. Hoping to be rid of it this week yet. I am tough. I can do it. I even look a little better today. My skin is "cleaner" looking and more pink again and my eyes aren't as sickly looking. Mom thought I was pretty cute today. I smiled at her and my girlfriend...at least I think I did? I could have been kind of dreaming, too. I don't know for sure. Anyways, I smiled at them and Mom told my therapy friend that she thought I was in a good mood at the time and she came in to work with me. Fooled them, though! My therapist and girlfriend helped sit me up together and I first pretended to be sleeping, then I got mad at them because I was ready to lay back down. I wonder if they will ever realize who's boss around here. Ha! Girls. 


My numbers looked better today. I wanted to talk to you about that, actually. I always say my "numbers" were this or that, but unless you're here, you probably don't know what I mean. So, I'll explain. Look at the picture below. Okay now, see the top green number? That one is my heart rate. How many times my heart beats in a minute. That one should be around 140 or so and the nurses are happy. Next is the white line; this is my CVP number. CVP stands for Central Venous Pressure. This is a number that helps the staff here assess my right ventricular function and systemic fluid status. The yellow numbers on my stat screen show my ventilation vital sign; my C02 levels, etc... This helps keep the staff on their toes to protect me by showing them any early warning signs of respiratory compromise. The next number (100 in light blue) is showing the staff my Oxygen level. It's usually 100% because I get O2 thru my ventilator to help keep this number at 100%, but it can be very helpful as a warning sign that something isn't right, if it dips down. The next white number shows my respirations per minute. Most of my nurses are happy with me breathing about 30 breaths per minute or so, but sometimes when I am mad I will make them worry and breath 60 or more breaths. That's not good and messes with the rest of my numbers in a bad way. Hmm...what's next...the dark blue is my blood pressure number. The nurses take a blood pressure by wrapping a cuff around my leg and it squeezes and the number pops up on the screen. That one shows them, in general, how well my heart is moving blood. You can look up and read more about blood pressures if you want. We all have gotten them taken at one point. It's just a normal vital sign to be taken. The last white number on the bottom of the screen is my temperature. I have a probe in my butt...that's all I will say about that! My numbers weren't perfect today, so this is just to show you. I am in pretty good ranges, though. I did have a good day; so far as this stuff. 

Later in the day, my nutritionist came to visit me. She is the one who keeps me looking so handsome. I am getting bigger and taller. Because I am so tall, I am considered underweight on her scale that she's supposed to use, but when you see me in person, I look real good. So, she stops in to check on me and make sure I'm getting all the calories and nutrients I need. She promised my Mom a long time ago that she wouldn't let me get skinny and she's done a great job. Sometimes, she supplements my feeds with things she thinks I might need extra of to help me grow big and strong. I like her. Mom and Dad put in a special request for chocolate milk. She thought that was pretty funny, but said I'm too little. When I'm older, though, Dad and I are going to have some together. 


I think tomorrow I may wear some clothes. I'll have to see how my night goes and if my temperature stays down. Please keep praying for me and know how thankful I am to all of you for your support. Going to get some good rest tonight and have a better day again tomorrow. Good Night - Heath

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