6/2/18 - 100 Days Old


I celebrated turning 100 today! Well, 100 days old...not years. Although, I think I feel like I am 100 years old. Today was all about Me and my Dad! He got the courage up to hold me for the first time ever today. He's pretty kool. We are buds. The first thing we did was take a nap, because...priorities...duh! My girlfriend and I stayed up too late partying last night and I had been awake since 5am. So I was due for a nap. Dad fell asleep, too. He and my Bro-dude nurse friend today both argreed that babies make them sleepy. I wonder if any other Dads feel the same way? Write to me and let me know if you have any sleepy Dad stories. 


After our nap, Dad and I did more "man stuff" and watched some TV while Mom put my bouncer together...Ha! By the way, apparently I love to watch television! It was great. The screen makes bright, flashy, moving pictures that make me get lost in thought. I think it's really a neat deal. Dad and I watched TV a long while until I got hot and Mom stole me to put me in my crib. 


She gave me a good bath with help from my Bro-dude and I felt so nice and clean. It was a good idea, because I can relax so much better when I feel clean. They set me up in my Boppy (my recliner chair...if we are going with the little "old man" theme today) and Dad put my shows back on in front of me. I sat and just relaxed watching Paw Patrol, until eventually dozing off into some much needed sleep time. 

I had a fantastic day. Numbers seemed great, I was smiley (see video on my Facebook page) and I just was comfortable. There is still talk of maybe having to put the ventilator tube back in, which would be a setback, but my future is what is first on the minds of the care team here and they care about my safety. So, please keep praying I can do well without the tibe back in my throat and that I stay stable and comfortable until my heart gift comes. Pray it comes soon. Pray for me, my family and my someday donor's family. Good Night. Love, Heath

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