6/20/18 - My Heart Pager Went Off!


Well, I definitely am not at the top of my game yet, but man was I comfy this afternoon! My girlfriend went full comfort mode for me today. We had gel pillows, bean bags, a cooling mat, my soft Pony and blankies....you name it! I snuggled right into my mound of coziness and snoozed real nice. My toes found that soft pony, too. I lay spread eagle for the world to see and not a care in the world with my toes stuck up in her fuzzy fur. I can't wait to meet the real horses we have at home; some day soon!

The answer to what I know you're wondering right now is "yes". There was alot of drama and fear yeasterday, but Yes, thankfully I am feeling a little better today. The cooling mat, sedation, blood transfusion and a dozen other things contributing to what I would consider a good day. I have never seen or riden a roller coaster, but my family and the staff here all say that my life is (and will continue to be) a roller coaster. It will have ups (good days) and downs (bad days) and then all kinds of loops and curves (those are the days when life's path changes direction). Mom says that is what makes waiting for my heart gift to come so hard. We have no idea what will happen in the next day, hour, minute..blink of an eye. She hates that because she is a planner. Dad is more care-free. That's why they make good parents. We are getting thru this difficult time okay...I think? Yesterday was the most difficult day I have had since arriving here, March 13th. It was just scary for us. So, I am very thankful today was much more relaxed.


After yesterday's events, I think everyone was very happy to see my eyes open today. I was pretty much a happy camper. My girlfriend read me a book about a "little train that could" today and I was thinking to myself that I am pretty similar to that train. I am just here...little, brave and chug-a-luggin along. Mom was here holding my hand and read to me more of your messages. I want to thank you again. You really help me on my bad days and make me smile on my good days. Hugs!! 


I don't think I have much more to say today. I had a better day, but I'm still a little wiped out. So, I'll be going to bed soon. I wanted to tell you though, Mom almost crashed her car on the way home! Well, not really, but she was in a frantic way because my heart pager went off!! Again!! About a month ago, the battery was low and it was beeping and her and Dad thought my heart gift was coming. Then, today on her way home from the hospital, it went off again in the car! This time it said to call the hospital, so she did, but it was a false alarm and had went off on accident or something. Whew! That was intense for her, though. She talked to my girlfriend and double checked that my heart gift wasn't coming, got an update on me and calmed down. I can't wait for it to go off for real! That day will be such a miracle, a blessing and the greatest day of my life. My second chance at life. Oh, please come soon... Keep praying. Good Nite, sleep tight. Love, Heath. 

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