6/22/18 - 4 Months

  • 4 months 0 days; 17 weeks 1 days; 120 days; 2,880 hours; 172,800 minutes; 10,368,000 seconds
  • 120 days in hospitals; 101 days at Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin
  • 87 days and waiting on the Heart Transplant list

All-in-all I had a wonderful day for my four month birthday! Although I am still very sick and my numbers are if-y, I was able to go most of the day on very little anti-anxiety and sedation medicines. It made for a great day because I was able to stay awake and visit with everyone. I was in a happy mood, too! Now that I am four months old I can kick and punch rally strong. I have a strong grip and like to feel textures still. I love putting my hands in my mouth and on my face. I can turn my head really well, all by my self and even lift it up if I try very hard. I follow people with not only my eyes, but also by turning my head to look. Sometimes my breathing tube gets in the way, but when I can turn my head, I do. I can stretch my body out long and then pull my knees up to my tummy and be tucked up. I frequently hold my hands together. I like TV, my Mobile and books. I am too big for my three month old clothes and have to wear six month old clothes now, but they are baggy. I can use a binky but I don't care too. I'd rather suck on my hand. I am getting bigger! I'm about 11 pounds and two foot long! I hope I am tall and big like uncle Jake someday!


Everyone loves to see me happy and awake, but it can be hard on my heart to be awake and moving around, so I have to be awake but calm or have extra medicines. I did good though, today. Lots of people stopped in to "check" on me. I think my nurses just wanted an excuse to come visit with me and look into my blue eyes. Mom and the girls tell me I'll be pretty "dreamy" when I am older. I don't understand girls? What does that even mean? Thank goodness for Dad and Bro-time tomorrow! Well, I hope so. I usually get bro-time on weekends with my favorite nurse dude and my Dad. They would have been pretty happy to see me awake today, too. Anyhooo, I looked at my Mom and we read your messages together and then she sang to me a little while until the Echocardiogram Tech arrived to do my scan. 

The Echocardiogram is the scan that looks at my heart. We are checking for anything and everything that could be contributing to my heartrate/temperature issues. I had a good ol' time during the scan. My tech (Fun Fact: she was the one who did my first echocardiogram here the first day I arrived at CHW back in March!..we get along really well), she plopped a big bunch of goop onto my chest so the wand for the machine would slide around really nice to take all the pictures she needed to take. I found that pile of goo and put my left hand right in it. It was fantastic! I swirled my fingers around and poked at it. Best time ever!

After my echo, which I was a rockstar for by the way, we tried to lay me on my right side a while. It didn't work out. I got my way and sat up in my Boppy instead. I watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and they were singing about Old McDonald and all his animals. I can't wait to get home and see all my animals! Someday soon! My heart gift has to come soon. Thank you to everyone who is thinking of me and for your prayers. You gave me a great day for my four month birthday! Hope tomorrow is great, too. Dad comes to see me and we are going to fist bump. Okay, good night! Tlak tomorrow. -Heath

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