6/23/18 - Squeaky Clean

I think tonight will be a short blog post, because my day was uneventful and pleasant. I visited with Mom and Dad and my Bro-dude. I got a new tape-job done on my face this morning, so I had to have medicine to keep my calm and not stress my heart. My Bro-dude took advantage of that and helped me lay comfortably on my right side. I laid on my "bad side" for about three hours! He is a miracle man, Mom says. No-one can get me cozy on my bad side except him. 


When I woke up later and it was time to change to a new position. Mom changed my diaper and then cleaned me up, too. I was in dire need of a bath. I haven't felt well for a while now and have only gotten quick wipe downs. So, today, since I was feeling comfortable and my numbers were pretty good, she gave me a really good bath. She soaked my fingers in warm water. I liked that and splashed the water around with my fingers. Then, she ran warm water onto my head and washed my hair. We clean up the rest of me and then dried off with a soft towel. The towel was bright yellow. My aunty Cindy sent them with a present for me one day a while back and Dad and my Bro-dude call them my "sham-wow" towels. Baby Sham-Wow; ha, ha! They work though! It was great to feel so clean. I got lotioned up with my Burt's Bees lotion. The hospital really drys my skin out. The lotion smells super good, too. Mom was happy and done with me, so I got to visit with Dad while she cleaned up. I smiled at him a couple times and showed him my workout glove (the therapy wrap on my right hand that's supposed to help me stop holding my thumb).


 I was up and perky about an hour or so. I got all cozy laying on my piles of pillows, blankets and bean bags. It was so comfy that I dozed off to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. I ended up having a wonderful day.


Please pray my heart gift comes soon... Good Night. Love, Heath

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