6/24/18 - Two Foot Tall Man


There once was a wee-man, two foot tall he stood. A small stature full of strength, from the past adversities he withstood. He dreamed of things outside; like hunting, fishing and more. But, between him and his dreams, there was a big...heavy...hospital door.


The door was glass and clear. Loud noises from the other side. It made the two foot man feel a little scared inside. For all the little man knew, was the bed that he lay in; the 122 days in which, the big door had trapped him in. 

The little two foot tall man started watching his TV; dreaming of the places he could go and the things that he could see. He thought to himself how much he'd learn, how much that he could be. He thought to himself, I'll fight my fight...so someday I'll be free. 

The little man just needs a heart, to free him from the walls. A heart that comes as a special gift from a new friend as they fall. This new heart is not for all, just for the little man. This new heart that he needs so bad, is special just for him. 

So, the little man is waiting, for the day his heart will come. He's fighting, scared and screaming, wishing it was all already done. He knows he has to be patient, so he stares at his TV. Dreaming of the other places, he wishes he could be. Someday he'll be that free... - Heath Wayne Cornford

2R Brand LLC