6/27/18 - Withdrawal Symptoms

I freaked Mom out when she got here to see me today. My eye was all red and it looked like I had scratched my eye or maybe even gotten pinkeye. She asked my nurse right away and she told her she’d put some goo in it to help. Mom just showed up at the wrong time. I had just rubbed it too hard with my hand. Sometimes I just get itchy, ya know? It wasn’t that bad at all. I actually get itchy a lot. My bro-dude took my head patch off for me this weekend and gave me a good scratch and it felt sooo good. Anyhow...


Today was a nice day for the most part. I was able to have the cooling mat removed and the doctors gave me the chance to show them I can regulate my own temperature. I did okay. My temperature went up and up for a while when I was sitting up this noon. I had some Tylenol and laid down flat in bed...that seemed to help. I may have just gotten warm from snuggling in my Boppy. That wouldn’t be surprising. I am doing well with my feeds so far, again. I switched from continuous feeds to every three hours, now. Hoping I’ll keep doing good with the change. It’s a little more work. I get pretty gassy and my tummy is puffy with air. The nurses have to use a syringe and then hook it up to my NG tube and pull air out of my tummy. It makes me feel better. Gas makes me uncomfortable. Hmmm...what else...I have been a little tired the last couple days. We think it’s just because I’m working to digest food again. Otherwise, not too much else to update you about. I’m holding my own for now. Hoping my food, heart rate and temperature stay down.


I am off the Fetanyl. I needed it to help me thru the bad week I had and being that it’s a bad narcotic, they tried to get me off of it as soon as they thought safe; it’s highly addictive. So I’m getting Methadone with PRN doses of Morphine to help me “come down” off it. I have had some withdrawal symptoms all day. A little grumpy and uncomfortable. It could be contributing to my temperature issues, too but we aren’t sure. Hoping it runs its corse and I don’t keep having the symptoms. Babies like me are always on some narcotic, opioid, etc...and when I get to go home someday, I’ll have to go thru withdrawals to get off it all. It will be tough, I expect. I’ve relied on Morohine heavily since I was born... 

Well, that’s all today. Good night. Please pray for my heart gift to come soon. Pray for me, my family and my someday donors family. - Heath

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