6/28/18 - My Personal Rollercoaster Ride

Up and downs, twists and turns, dead stops and quick spurts...the story of my life. yesterday, I suffered thru withdrawal symptoms, today I make faces and grin at the ladies. It's such a crazy thing, heart failure. One day you're in a bad way and just 24hrs later you're seeming better. I'll never get "better" with this heart, but I can have better days. Days like today, in fact! I had a wonderful time today with all girls. First, I had a very pleasant morning. Resting peacfullly and getting a tummy full of milk. Then, a good therapy session was in order:

Therapy went well. I looked up to the ceiling and side to side. My darned eye was still watery from the rubbing I did to it yesterday. It's okay, yet...just watery and maybe I have a small scratch. After therapy, I decided to make faces at my Mom...I have this stinkin' patch on my forehead to read my renal numbers and it makes me look like I have an antenna. Mom and my girlfriends laugh every time I use it to make funny faces, so I thought I'd lighten the mood today and do that. I grabbed the cord ("antenna") and pull it up and I look happy. Then, push it down and I look mean. It's always a good time. I'm quite the comedian when I try. 

After all the fun, I rested for a while. A short while. Therapy came in and helped me sit up a second time, later in the afternoon. I did great again! They lay me on my right side after therapy finished. You know how I feel about that, but surprisingly I didn't mind it this time! I snuggled down and the girls helped me lay so my hands were together. I LOVE my hands! They are so, so kool! I lay there, awake and NOT sedated for four hours, just kicking and playing with my hands. My girlfriend was there to visit with me and it was a great time. I didn't sleep until early evening. All my numbers stayed how the team liked, too...and all day. I was so proud and happy. Very thankful for a nice day. Hope tomorrow brings more happy times. I know my family and I really needed today. Good night. - Heath

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