6/3/18 - Two For Two

I was a little moody today. I did sleep last night, however; much needed! I guess I needed more today though, because I was a little growly. I gave my bro-dude hell this morning for no apparent reason. Sometimes I have meltdowns. He hand;ed it well and helped me get my kool. I am a baby (although they seem to have to remind me daily) and I am bound to have some fits. Later, about Noon, I sat up with Dad again. He is very warm and it was so cozy snuggling with him. We watched TV together, again. He likes to talk to me a lot. So much so, that I had to put my hand up while he was talking to me, to tell him to "shoosh", because I wanted to hear what Kermit the Frog was saying. He seems to have me all figured out. I think he is the one who really likes the TV, but I enjoy it now, too. It's a good change up from the normal days, staring at my mobile.

I wanted to tell you guys that I am two-for-two pooping while Dad is holding me. I just want him to be proud, ya' know? Or uncomfortable? I'm not sure yet, but it's pretty funny. Mom and I like putting together jokes like this to tease him. She changed my diaper while I was sitting in his lap...he didn't like that too much. I suppose it wasn't too pleasant smelling...ha! Got him! After all that, I ended up getting to hot again and went back to my bed for a minute. 


I stared at myself in the mirror while I was laying there...man am I a good looking chap! Mom says I am a little bit vain (jokingly to Dad and they laugh). I'm not sure what that means. Here are some pictures of me, though. I was smiley, then tired and I had to check out Mom, too. I like to stare at her. She's my Mom. MY mom. 

We got a nice picture together later, while I was sitting up in my bouncy chair watching...you guessed it...TV! Mom and Dad wore their "A Heart For Heath" shirts today. We sell them on my site to help pay for my bills that the insurances don't take care of. Those are MY footprints on their shirts! Isn't that kool!? They are a good Mom and Dad. I'll keep them (there I am staring at Mom again...ha, ha). Ps: I really enjoy my bouncy chair!

That's all for today. Please keep praying that the breathing tube can stay out, that I stay in this stable-ish state of being, that my heart gift comes soon and for me, my family and my someday donor's family to all make it thru this difficult journey. Good Night. Love, Heath

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