6/4/18 - Thankful For Lazy Days

I didn't do much today. Mom didn't even bug me to get up out of bed and be held; she let me rest. I slept all day actually. It was nice to be lazy. I'm thankful I can just be lazy now days. Don't ever take for granted your comfort. I have had so many things making me uncomfortable my whole life (tubes, needles, machines, medicines, not being able to change position, etc...). I can't express how nice it is to be able to move safely, to relax for once in my life and not feel sick from sedation or gagging on tubes. I love being able to be comfortable and lazy like today. Not much new or changed today; which is a very good thing in my case. Just hanging out, waiting for my heart gift to come and petting my pony toy. 


I do have a question for you guys...what color do you think my hair will be? Dark Blonde maybe? I have quite a bit now and it has a reddish tint, but it seems blonde. Mom's hair is blonde and Dad's hair is (grey...ha, ha) dark blonde/light brown and his beard sometimes has red. Mom thinks I have Dad's hair. Speaking of hair, mine was so fluffy today after my bath. Also, look at my lashes! I get those from Dad, too. I have Mom's eyes, face and lips. I have big Raedel hands and I think I'll be tall, like all the men on Mom's side of my family. I have Dad's feet and long torso. I'm just handsome. Mom say's I'm perfect. I think all Mom's say that about their babies, though. Don't they?


Well, good nite guys. Please keep me in your thoughts. Hoping I can continue to be comfortable until my heart gift comes and that my health stays stable-ish like it has been until then, too. It would be such a blessing. Love, Heath

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