6/5/18 - TV Addiction


I am so addicted to TV guys..it's bad. My bro-dude had puppies and kittens on the TV for me to watch today and I just couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. How did I not know about this stuff already? I've been in the hospital over three months and am just learning about TV now?! I feel like I've been missing out! Mom says it's bad for my eyes, my Bro-Dude said it's been proven that isn't true and my therapy girlfriend said it will be good for me to start learning to follow things with my head and to "have at'er"! So, I will here-by be a self proclaimed "crib-potatoe" until my heart gift comes; now that TV has come into my life. 


Speaking of therapy, I got this put on today after my OT session. Apparently, my therapist doesn't like me holding my thumbs inside my fist. So, she wants me to wear this doo-hickey until I learn to hold my thumb outside my first some. It's not bad. Just some neoprene and I only have to wear it a couple hours/day for a while. She did, however, check off of her list, the need to work on me laying on my right side. Now that I am breathing tube free, I don't mind that side at all. So, that was a good thing! I'll let you know how this thing works. Mom did notice my fingers were pretty free with it on and that I could still pull my face cords off if nobody was paying attention, so she gloved me up. I did have my hands un-gloved most of the day, though, and I explored like crazy! I like to suck on my hand once in a while now. It's fun to get all goobery. Mom trimmed my finger nails again today. I gave myself my first face scratch from a pointy nail and she was on top of the trimming right after. I'm really still when she trims my nails. It kinda feels good because she always rubs my hands when she's done with some lotion. After that, Mom took the TV away and put my mirror next to me. You all know I love looking at myself...


Later, I sat up again and eventually fell asleep. Another easy going day. I've been on the heart transplant list for 70 days today! Can you believe that?! Hoping and praying my heart gift comes soon. I need it too. Please keep me, my family and my someday donor's family in your thoughts and prayers again tonight. Good Night. Love, Heath

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