6/6/18 - A Fine Line


Mom held me right away today. She couldn't wait two seconds to just get her hands on me. I don't blame her. I missed her, too. I sat with her and got too many smooches to count. Loved it! We watched Mickey Mouse on TV and chit chatted. I was hot and she opened my onesie up so i could "air out". I actually got too hot and sweated, later, and she put me back in my crib. I sweat up really easily because my heart isn't up-to-par. Anyhow, she gave me a quick bath and washed my hair. I snuggled up in my Boppy again and watched TV until I fell asleep. That was my day in a nutshell. Not too much exciting. 


Mom did chat shortly with three of my doctors today. One was concerned that my breathing rate is a little excessive and that having the ventilator tube back in may happen sooner than later. The second doctor came to visit me while I was upset and he coo'd and smooched to me until I cheered up. He told Mom he was happy with where I was right now, so far as my condition and stats are concerned. He said he's keeping close watch on me for any changes, but that he was very happy that I am more consolable now and needing less Morphine and Adivan. Then, Mom talked to my other doctor and he said he was impressed, surprised and worried about me; that I am teetering on a fine line. One side of the line is me needing the breathing tube back in because the work of breathing is too much stress on my heart and body. The other side of the line is where I am now. Comfortably breathing and keeping my stats normal. He would hope to see my breathing normalize. I breath fast right now and that's not the best thing. It's so complicated. They just want to see me thrive until my heart gift comes. It's very scary to hear that I may need the breathing tube back in though...I hated it so much! Besides all that, I tried to stay positive knowing all the talk that was going around today. Mom tickled me and it made me giggle. I have the smiley all figured out now. When I'm happy, I smile. Not just lazy smiles either. BIG full mouth smiles so Mom knows I'm happy. Trying to be happy at least...hmmm...I hate being sick. Here are some smiley pictures Mom took for me. I had my renal monitor patch off my forehead and took advantage by getting some pictures for you guys. Hope you like them. 

Please keep praying for me. I know I ask a lot of you, but I'm scared..my whole family is scared. I don't have much more to say today than that. Not a bad day by any means, but not my best either. One of my serious girlfriends is here to spend the night with me tonight and she will cheer me up. I know it. I have to go to bed now. Talk tomorrow. Love, Heath

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