6/7/18 - Gloves

I got a bath and sat in my bouncy chair this morning. Mickey Mouse house was on, again. I like the colors on that show. Pretty neat. I think really hard when I watch; trying to learn as much as I can and take everything in. I think I will be smart. Mom tells me I will. I have so much to look forward to in this life ahead of me. I hope my heart gift comes soon so I can start! Sometimes I feel like I have been waiting so long that it's never coming, but then everyone reminds me that my second chance at life will come in it's own time. I just have to continue to be patient. 

I could tell Mom was a little disappointed in herself today. I get milk thru my NJ tube, as you know, and that means I get a little less than an ounce every hour fed to me. That is almost 24 ounces a day if you rounded up. So, my stash of milk that she built up while I was at the American Family Children's Hospital is long gone and she can't keep up. It kinda stinks that I'll have some formula mixed in now, with Mom's milk given to me when there is some, but at least this is going right into my gut and not my tummy. Hopefully I won't know the difference. We will see. The nurses don't seem to worry about it so she shouldn't either. As long as I tolerate it well and keep growing, everyone will be happy. That's how my day started out...with formula. I guess it isn't the worst thing. It has more calories and vitamins. That could be a good thing.

Mom brought new, bigger mittens for me today. I outgrew my newborn sized ones and was using socks! They were way to hot! So, these are much nicer. I can stretch my fingers out nicely in them. I'm sure you have noticed that I wear gloves a lot. Most babies, including me, wear them so they don't stratch their face...I also wear mine so I don't grab my tubes. The nurses don't like that so much! I like to take my pointer finger and flick my nose tubes out. It doesn't feel the best and I usually make myself mad. I guess I don't really think about it before hand. I should probably rethink it. If it hurts and the girlfriends don't want me to do it...then, I shouldn't. Okay. Anyhow, that's what the gloves are all about. * Check out how funny I look sleeping while holding my Nuk. Funny huh!?

Well, I enjoyed another wonderful day. Hope you enjoyed your day too! I was thinking about sunshine today. It comes in thru the window in my room. Mom said when my heart comes, I'll get to go to a new bedroom here and that she will make sure I can feel the warm sunshine. I'm really excited about that. Talk to you tomorrow. Good Night. Love, Heath 

PS. Thank you SO very much for writing to me! It was fun to hear what you thought of my "sign language" the other day. 

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