7/11/18 - Teething

It seems like I’m starting to get thru my days a little easier; as far as the withdrawals symptoms go. I still had an emotional roller coaster kind of day. Smiley one minute, then upset the next. I really can’t control it. This is all getting better though, we think. I needed some help thru my emotions, only a few times today; getting Morphine to help. So, here was my day: 

It started with a good bum-session. I lounged in my Boppy and watched my mobile. Mom brought in a new Boppy pillow cover so she could wash my other one...we had a “blow-out”. Eewww... Thats what happens when you get milk for food, ha ha. I really should have been napping, but I just sat quietly and relaxed; dozing in and out. Eventually, I was a little restless, so my Mommy put her hand behind me and rocked me a little. I like it and it helps when I need to calm down. She read to me your messages and we visited. 


I am dealing with the medicine changes, as you know, but guess what? I’m teething now, too! I like chewing on my hands and almost anything else, too. No teeth yet, of course, but something’s changing in there! I’ll keep you posted on that. I do hope this new development doesn’t add to my troubles, but for now, I am very much enjoying drooling all over everything and chewing on things I shouldn’t. I’m such a funny little man!

Hm..what else? Ooohhh oh! I got a new blanket from my aunty and I tried it out today. It was perfect for my afternoon comfy time. So soft and snuggly. She made it all by herself and knew to make it with lots of holes for me! Lots of them for my toes to pop out and wiggle thru! My favorite...he, he! So I snuggled in, covered up and got comfortable to spend time with Mom and play with my mobile. I’m still working on learning to reach, bat my mobile critters and grab things. It’s a lot of work learning new things. 

So, another good day. I am working so hard, guys. I promise. I just need my heart gift to come soon. Please keep praying for that. Here’s our favorite picture from today. It makes us both feel good looking at it, because it looks like I’m comfortable, happy and kind of looks like what I could look like if I was home. I’ve never been home, but I dream about it every night. I want to go there and be with my family so bad. It makes us sad...so I’m just going to stop talking. Tonight, I will try to sleep more. I need it. Dream Sweet, Heath. 

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