7/12/18 - 140 Days Old

Wow! Today I am 20 weeks old guys! That’s 140 days in the hospital. I can’t believe it. I’m so proud and thankful to have made it this far. My journey has been a rough one. Still here, still fighting. Just like before. 

I had a wonderful day. Finally. Big poop, new sheets and grossed out Bro-dude to start the day. Mom came just in time, after I was cleaned up. I suppose, if anything good were to come of my stay, besides recovery obviously, getting to skip some explosive diaper changes would appeal to Mom. I know she would be more than happy to clean me up and care for me; it is a nice perk though. And no buying diapers...ha! I over heard Mom and Dad joking that they probably cost $10/diaper in here...they are probably right about that. Hospital life is expensive! I guess I’m an expensive baby. A $10 Million dollars and counting baby I am told? I don’t understand money, but it sounds like a lot. Speaking of that, money, I was named after Heath Barkley on the old western show Big Valley. The actor that plays Heath in the show is named Lee Majors. He also played The Six Million Dollar Man. So, now I should be The Ten Million Dollar Man? Ha! That’s great. I like it. Anyhow...I got cleaned up just as Mom came in. We got situated in the recliner and started a long, needed snuggle session.

We haven’t gotten to snuggle much thru my journey, but today (for the first time ever) I looked at my Mommy and touched her face. It made her cry. She smiled so big at me and I made sure to smile back. I felt her cheek and her nose and her lips...it was a new experience to feel someone’s face that wasn’t my own. Her skin was soft and warm like mine, but it wasn’t mine, so it was neat. She held very still for me so I could figure things out. I looked at her, staring right into her eyes like I always do. That’s how we visit until I learn to talk. Hands and eyes do all our talking. So happy to get to sit up close to her. It was the first time I’d been that close to her, too. Usually, when Mom or Dad hold me, I just sit in their laps on a pillow. It’s nice, but after today...I don’t know. I got to be safely right up close to her and feel her breathing and her heart beating. She kissed my forehead a bunch and we napped together for hours. It was the best day we have ever had. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Before the day was over, we put up a new thing for me to practice my hand-eye coordination with...a giraffe toy! My angel Ellen sent it to me a while back and I wasn’t strong enough to play with it until now. I’m excited to kick and swing my arms at it and try to move it. It will be pretty fun I expect. We hung it on my mobile arm for now. I wasn’t in a playing mood after snuggles with Mom and actually feel back asleep. It was needed. I will play tomorrow.

I will show you a funny picture in a minute of my little pony that I love so much. Someone (one of my nurse friends) keeps dressing her up funny. Today she was a Rambo pony, the other day someone put her in a pony sleeping bag...it’s so cute and makes us laugh. Before the picture of her, I just wanted to say good night. Thank you for the love, prayers and unconditional support. You’re all the kindest, most generous and amazing family to me. Thank you for helping me along my journey; one day at a time. Hugs! -Heath

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