7/15/18 - Peek-A-Boo

I snuggled with Dad again. Just a short while, though, because I was a little uncomfortable. I’m still learning how to cough, now that I’m extubated, because I had a ventilator tube down there most of my life. So, it’s new and I’m struggling with it a little bit. I’m doing better each day, though. I can cough to help clear my throat, but coughing up stuff is hard still. So, sometimes I get kinda upset when I’m trying to get gunk up. Anyhow, that’s why I didn’t snuggle too long today. It was still nice. Dad and I visited and Mom took pictures. I was touching Dad’s prickly beard. It was so weird and I liked to run my hand over it. Maybe someday, I’ll grow me one?  


After I got back to my crib, I sat up in my bouncy chair. Mom and Dad played Peek-A-Boo with me! I do that now, play. It was fun! My dinosaur, Troy, dipped down under my chair and then popped back up and said “Rarrr!” and then dipped back down and hid. It made me giggle. He’s a silly dinosaur. I like peek-a-boo. 


I also still like my mouth. I’m teething, no doubt about it. I drool with the best of them and smear it all over my face when chewing on my hand. I’m nasty. Mom says so. But, still cute! Drool face and all! So cute, in fact, that I now have passing-by doctors stopping in my room to read me books! That happened today and I loved it! I love company. People. I don’t like to be alone. When I can, I glare at people and follow them with my handsome blue eyes and it makes them come visit with me. I think I have a superpower? “The Glare”...hmm? 

I had a good day over all. Please keep praying my heart gift comes soon, though. Today marks 110 days on the heart transplant waiting list. I’m a 1A, priority, listee, but I’m still here waiting. It’s been quite the wait! Just happy to feel like I do right now and will continue to wait for my special day. Please pray for me, my family and my someday donor’s family. -Heath

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