7/16/18 - Therapy, Therapy, Therapy

Today I had lots of therapy. I think this will be how my days go for a while, so long as I am doing well. I have a lot of catching up to do. I have been in the hospital my whole life! So, I am behind on some of the normal things babies my age do. To learn those things, I have therapists that come visit me all week and I have therapy sessions with them. I work on all kinds of things! I have never nursed, drank from a bottle or learned how to suck on a binkie. My speach therapist is now coming to see me to help me learn. I also lack muscle and am a little stiff thru my body (I’ve gotten better); I need to learn other things like just general motor skills and how to hold my head up. My physical and occupational therapists come in to help with that. You’ve seen them help me sit up in pictures in past blogs. So, today was full of those things. I sat up in this thing, I think it was called a pro-form. It’s a foam molded chair that sits me up high. I was a little bit too small for it still, though. I went from there, into my bouncy chair instead. It was much more cozy for me. I showed the therapist how I reach out and bat my mobile; she liked that. Then, Mom put my Dinosaur by the mobile. Bad Idea. Troy tried to eat my mobile critters! I was so nervous, but he was just playing. Whew! 


Another time during my day, I sat up and snuggled with my Mommy. She smooched my forehead, rocked me and hummed songs to me. I needed to nap, but I was more concerned with visiting. We love looking at each other. It was so nice. We had a few visitors stop in and see us while we snuggled. A few of my doctors. They all are very happy with how I’m doing with this Berlin Heart LVAD situation. That makes us happy. I’m glad I’m doing well right now and hope that I keep doing so. I’m trying. I’m also trying to eat my hand...that’s my mission. Eat hand, grow teeth!

That afternoon was like any other...nap time. Mom sat with me and patted me until I dozed off in my Boppy. I slept all afternoon. Hoping to have a great night tonight. Tomorrow could be a great great day! The first of good memories for me! I’m so excited to share tomorrow 😁 Good Night. - Heath

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