7/18/18 - A Heart For Heath

Today was perfect. Mom, my bro-dude and my physical therapist all sat with me on a play mat on the floor in my hospital room floor and did just that, played. It was a wonderful experience. I sat up and worked on my head control while Mom read me one of my favorite books; Gerald the Giraffe. I can hold my little ol' noggin' up right and turn it side-to-side really good! I am getting better and better at it. It makes me so happy that I can turn to look at whomever is talking to me, now. I sat up a long while and enjoyed the happenings of the hallway thru my bedroom window. A few visitors stopped to say Hi, too. I like that. I love company. I also moved my head to turn and look a the bright colors of the mat and to spot my dinosaur, Troy, laying amoungst the pile of toys Mom laid out. I laid down onto the cool and cushy mat, next to Troy, and we had a great conversation. I showed everyone that I can almost turn myself onto my belly. I hiked my knee up to my chest and kicked my leg out and it made me rock on my side. Then, I reached out with the corddinating arm and tipped over, about to roll onto my tummy. I'm not allowed to be on my tummy with my Berlin Heart, so PT stopped me just in time. I was super happy about it though. I'm learning some new, fun things! I loved the mat and fully intended on doing it again tomorrow...but the day took a turn that would prevent that from happening. At least for a while. 

Mom and I sat up and snuggled after my floor mat time. It was nice to get lovies and relax for the afternoon. I slept so soundly and deeply; dreaming of happy things that made me smile. Mom just watched me and smiled, too. It was also, wonderful. About 2pm today, though, my life took a turn. A big one! 

My doctor came into the room with a stale look on his face, that eventually turned into the biggest smile. He sat down and said there was something we needed to know. He continued to tell Mom that THEY FOUND A HEART FOR ME. I listened as they got into the conversation deeper. It was a surreal moment. To know I may have a chance at getting out of all this. Just yesterday, we talked about Hope and how that small trip outside of my room brought so much to my family and I. Then, to have this happen after a delightful morning...wow! Just WOW! So, Mom and doc made plans and she headed home to organize our home life before my surgery. She wanted to get back to me and snuggle again before I left for OR. 

On the way home to do chores and get life organized to be away for the night, Mom called Dad and told him the news. He was so happy! She also told him that last night, she couldn't sleep. She said to him that she had a weird pressure in/on her chest all night that she couldn't shake. Even with Tylenol and trying so hard to sleep, she couldn't get rid of it. It wasn't scary or anything, it was what Mom now thinks was some sort of sign. It had to be. Anyhow, the rest of my family slowly learned of the big news, too. A lot of them were in tears. Happy tears! This has been such a long, arduous journey, thus far...and it's just getting started! Surgeons from my hospital flew all the way out to the donor and will bring my heart gift back after first looking at it to be sure its perfect for me. They did a bunch of tests on the heart and on me before my doctor even told Mom, today, too. Once my heart gift arrives here, the surgery will happen. It will likely be about 12 hrs of OR (operation room) time; at least that is what the PA told us for a rough guess. I'll let you know tomorrow, more about that. Tomorrow's blog will be very special. Even more-so than today. Tomorrow is my birthday, again! And tomorrow is also my donor's birthday, again. His/her heart beats again to give me life and I promise to never take that for granted. 

Thank you, all of you, for continuing to pray for me, my family and my donor's family. We love and cherish you all! - Heath

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