7/19/18 - Chapter Two

I wanted this post to be the happiest one in my life. The post when I got to say that my heart transplant went well and I might get to go home soon. That isn't my reality, unfortunately. My life was turned upside-down today. 

I left for surgery, for my heart transplant, at 12:30pm on 7/18/18. Mom held my hand and looked me in the eyes while I slowly went to sleep. They took me. Took me away from my Mom, my "safe" hospital room and into the OR for what would be the biggest surgery of my life. Mom went to a waiting room and cried. Little did she know at the time, that she'd be crying for the next unknown period to come. She sat there in the waiting room in the quiet, not getting an update until around 2am on 7/19/18. That first update was to say that they had been placing new IV's and and Arterial line to prepare for after my transplant was complete. I would be receiving a lot of drugs to help with pain, rejection, etc...and they would need access to give them. So, that was not alarming. At that time, we were under the impression my heart would be there soon. Possibly, 4am, and that surgery would start then. At 5:30am, after a very anxious waiting period, Mom was given another update. This update was to say that I was being placed onto by-pass. Then, a third update came shortly after, my heart surgery had begun...it was aprox. 6am. She cried with relief that this day had finally come and that things sounded as thought they were going well. 

A long time passed without an update. At around 8am, she was told that the new heart was beating. It was such a sigh of relief to know that the hear twas alive after it's travels and working. A new heart was beating in my chest. this amazing new piece of life, for me, and it was working. A true miracle. Then, more time passed...and even more time went by without an update. Then, someone came in to tell Mom the bad news. The new heart, the miracle of life I'd been waiting almost 150 days for, wasn't strong enough to support my body. The right side of my new heart is not strong enough. It wasn't squeezing as effectively as they needed to see. They would need to put me onto ECMO. Mom broke down. A tragic event. Heartbreak. I am alive, but a machine is living for me. The same machine, in fact, that I had began my life on February 22, 2018. I had my first birthday then, on ECMO and now my second birthday, July 19, 2018 on ECMO. 

My life is in the hands of God right now. The hands of Fate. Whatever you believe in, please pray for me. I need help. Please also pray for my donor's family. I know they need prayers, too. -Heath

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